Basileo – an original storybook, a game, a drawing book, a fun way to learn… all in just one app!

Do you know who beat the Minotaur in Ancient Greece? Theseus I hear you say? – Well, I would like to introduce you to someone who will tell you a slightly different story: Basileo.

Basileo is a Centaur and a very special one of that: differently to all other Centaurs of his time, Basileo has the head of a horse and the lower body a man. And in addition to that he has a dream: he wants to become the greatest hero of Ancient Greece and his first project is to defeat the Minotaur, a deafly creature with the body of a human and the head of a bull.

The App “Basileo and the Labyrinth” tells the story of Basileo and his quest to defeat the Minotaur. It starts with the small Basileo telling his mum that he will go to seek the feared Minotaur and the mom, as parents can do sometimes, dismissed his exclamation as a childish dream and asks him to pick up some milk and the end of his play date. Little does she know…

Her son is about to go on a great adventure, which includes being thrown off a ship and being helped by Poseidon, the God of the Sea, on his journey to Crete.


Basileo also meets Theseus, who wants to defeat the Minotaur as well. And clearly the story of what happened in the Labyrinth has been told wrong all those years, because when Theseus leaves the Labyrinth saying that he defeated the Minotaur he has left out a few details about Basileo’s involvement in his success. You want to know what exactly happened? Get your Basileo App today and find out!

The App “Basileo” is an interactive storybook, which includes many fun games for children and beautifully hand-drawn illustrations on each page. Furthermore, the app includes an original soundtrack and a narrator in three languages. The story is told in a fun and humorous way, which makes reading it as enjoyable for adults, as it is for kids. Continue reading

Delight your cone cells and your grey cells! With Dwelp, you can do both at the same time!

Released a few months ago for iOS by solo developer Alex Blaj, Dwelp is an elegant little puzzler which wraps a unique game mechanic in a delightfully minimalistic presentation. The attention to details is top-notch, making for a great experience.

To solve each of the 120+ puzzles, all you have to do is connect the same-colored dots on a grid by placing them one near another. That wouldn’t be too difficult if it weren’t for a simple rule that spices up the gameplay: As soon as you connect two dots, the other dots of that color can’t be moved anymore and can only be picked up by linking them to the larger shape you have just created. As it often happens, this sounds more complicated than it actually is, so the trailer below should explain it better.

Most of the puzzles have more than one solution. In fact, many of them have hundreds of possible solutions, so the game challenges you to find the one that requires the lowest number of moves. Do this for 80 puzzles and you will be treated to a special pack of ultra-hard puzzles that will have you scratching your head for hours! The game also contains a bonus puzzle pack which introduces an entirely new mechanic and creates a nice diversion.

One noteworthy feature is the powerful undoing mechanism. At any time, you can tap the undo button and the game allows you to swipe back and forth to retrace all your steps. This will become very handy later on in the game, when you might get to a dead end and want to review all the moves and try to find out which was the wrong step.

Featuring Game Center integration with a main leaderboard and 16 achievements, a color blind mode for the visually impaired and a handy puzzle previewer which allows you to see the puzzles at a glance before opening them, this is puzzle solving at its finest.

With no ads or in-app purchases whatsoever, Dwelp is a true gem that will provide puzzle aficionados with countless hours of fun! Get it here!

Want to play old good MechWarrior on your iPhone? We have an idea!

The secret is simple – try mobile game Walking War Robots! It’s promised, your heart will beat faster once you operate this huge walking mech machine. Its detailed graphics and perfect sound system will leave no room for nostalgia and you’ll feel like in old good times. Have I mentioned it’s free?

3D battlefield

Walking War Robots is a universal game for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices and is currently translated into six languages. The game requires a strong internet connection and doesn’t have a stand-alone mode. Which is however not its downside. On the contrary playing with real people is a much more fun!. The game is available all over the world and it currently has strong clans of players in Russia, Germany, Japan, the USA, and the UK. There is sadly no in-game communication chat for now, so you’ll have to talk to the others in forum or via Facebook.

The aim of the game is pretty simple. You and your team need to capture all enemy beacons and protect all yours. The first team who does it is a winner. Simple, huh? The game gives you whole freedom to apply different tactics and strategies of your choice, you can even push other robots on the battlefield! Isn’t it fun?

MMO 6vs6

To start the game you need to equip your robot by choosing a weapon for it. You can possess several robots, however you can play only one at a time. As you get more experience in the game, you can upgrade your robots and weapons and try the game at its all power. You can buy new weapons and robots for Gold or Silver, both are the currencies you can earn in the game if you don’t want to invest your real money. The game offers a good variety of weapons and robots. Currently there are 3 maps to play on, but developers tell there are more to come.

The interface to the game is intentionally simple – most of the screen is occupied by battlefield and in the very bottom there are two management buttons basically to operate the robot with just two thumbs. In the upper part of the screen you can see the actual state of the battle as well as your robot. In case your robot is hit by a rocket and its ability to jump or shoot is broken, the corresponding button will be broke too, so pay attention to it!

Drawing a conclusion, Walking War Robot is a mobile game that can keep you busy for hours and days. It is a good mix of old good MechWarrior with new modern mobile games. Try it out!

GrannyMobile – Life hacks from your granny always at your side!

Have you ever stained your sofa and didn’t know how to get it out?

Or have you ever had the flu and the pharmacy was already closed?

GrannyMobile has the solution to these and many other problems! In this brilliant app women of all ages have collected the best home remedies for life’s little challenges!


The App is divided into the five different categories Food, Home, Beauty, Kids and Wellness, where users can find advice on just about everything. You can simply browse each category for granny’s instructions or use the search function to look for a specific tip. You can then save your favourite sections and also share them with your friends via Facebook. The simply layout of the app makes it very easy to navigate, so that desperately needed advice can be found especially quickly.


So what does Granny have to tell us that we don’t already know? Within the app one can find, for example, Health Advice on how to cure a sore throat without medication or how to get rid of acne. In the Food Section one can discover tips on baking, what to do when you put too much salt into your soup or how to cut onions without crying (a mystery finally solved!). And in the category Home one can find tips, among many others, on the best techniques for ironing your clothes or how to get rid of wine stains. Overall the app contains over 300 tips already and it is still growing, as users have the possibility of sending in their own tips, too.


In addition to nana’s invaluable advice, GrannyMobile also features many entertaining drawings, making the problems to which we are looking for solutions seam a lot smaller. Each tip is also written in a very witty fashion, brightening up our day immediately after spilling wine all over the new sofa.

What is especially unique about GrannyMobile is the way it was developed: using the online platform MakeItApp, where people can meet online to create apps together, a group of women paired up with designers and app developers to create this incredibly useful app. Together they have created the database of tips and tricks that is GrannyMobile: a comprehensive list of all the advice their mums and grannies have given them so far.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 03.dic.2014 11.38.50

Lastly, GrannyMobile is already a bestseller in Italy and was top of it’s category in the iTunes store. Now it is finally available in English – to help all English-speaking iPhone Users through daily life!

What’s ‘Appening With Your Money?

It seems like everybody has a smartphone these days and if we’re not replying to emails over our dinner, chatting to our friends over Whatsapp then we’re boring anyone who’ll listen with our latest app.

There’s no denying it, apps have become big business and a definite lure for many choosing a new phone. There are millions and millions to download and while a proportion of them can only be described as pointless, there are many that can have a significant impact on your life and your finances:

  • Bank On the Go

Bank On the Go

At the touch of a button, customers can now control their finances from their phones. Growing numbers of banks are creating apps which allow customers to view account balances and recent transactions while on the go. They also enable them to transfer funds across accounts and make payments. Many of these apps also feature an ATM and branch finder as well as text alert services that notify you if you are approaching your overdraft limit.

  • Manage your Money

Manage your Money

If keeping track of your cash flow is something you struggle with then a money management app is a must have. These apps provide you with a clear view of your financial situation by allowing you to input your income and outgoings. They keep tabs on all of your accounts (current, credit card and savings) and even allow you to set weekly/monthly/quarterly budgets. Any overspending is quickly highlighted so you can easily identify the areas in which you need to cut back.

  • Discount Heaven

Get savvy with your spending and take advantage of the many money off vouchers just waiting to be used and abused. Retailers, restaurants and travel companies have teamed up with voucher companies to provide customers with significant savings. Using GPS technology, your phone can trace your exact location and find offers and discounts in your current vicinity.

  • Find Free Parking

We’ve all been stung by expensive parking costs but with this app you can input your chosen destination and it will locate and direct you to free parking. A few pounds saved here and there quickly adds up!

  • Pinpoint Cheap Fuel

With fuel prices rocketing through the roof, filling up can leave a severe dent in even the wealthiest of wealthy pockets. Locating fuel prices in any area, fuel finder apps are on the increase so take advantage and locate the cheapest cost in your area.

  • Jargon Busters

If finance talk leaves you a little baffled then why not download one of the many finance dictionaries available. At the touch of a button you can get to grips with all of those pesky money terms that you never really understood.

What comprises 9 alphabetic dice which can be combined in millions of combinations?

The answer is Dicewords for iOS. Dicewords is often unpredictable and always great fun, strengthens your vocabulary and gives your brain some exercise. This Universal iOS app, an electronic reinterpretation of Graham Lipscomb’s popular DICEWORDS offers a balanced blend of strategy and luck which can also be very effective as an educational tool.


On each turn you have up to three rolls in which to build the highest-scoring word you can, so typically you keep (or “hold”) some dice and re-roll the others, aiming to get the letters you need. It’s best to have several word ideas in mind because you never know which letters will come your way. Longer words will usually score you more – and if you can use the high value letters then you can get really big scores! There’s much more to this game than lucky dice rolls though. A feature unique to Dicewords, and central to gameplay, is the ‘Dice Table’ which shows all the faces of each dice at a glance enabling you to weigh up the odds of rolling particular combinations – and therefore use strategy to improve your chances.

The interface to the game is intentionally simple – most of the screen is occupied by the dice and the Dice Table allowing you to focus on what matters – just as in the original physical dice game. Interaction is simply by dragging or flicking the dice left or right and tapping or swiping a dice to “hold” it.

The game can be played solo or with up to 7 other players, the in-game clock being very useful during a multiplayer game to ensure that the game moves along at a fair speed. The clock can be turned off during a solo or multiplayer game as the aim is to make the highest scoring words possible, not to race against the clock. At the end of a game the average scores are calculated and displayed – this is the true measure of your skill at Dicewords. The app takes care of the scoring and automatically prompts the next player to roll. Words can be validated against the standard iOS dictionary if installed or each word can be approved individually.

If you fancy a “beat the clock” challenge then flip the screen and play against the built-in Puzzle. The familiar screen operates differently in this mode where you now choose a word, from an available 150, which you aim to spell in the shortest time possible by tapping the letter you want in the Dice Table which “rolls” that dice. Some words can be spelled quickly but the majority require rather more cunning and on the way you will learn more about the Dice Table so improving your game when playing Dicewords itself.

Settings allow configuration for number of players, length of puzzle words, game clock, time per turn and number of turns. Full instructions and game play hints are included within the game and there’s an optional “Extra Help” setting to get you started.

Dicewords runs natively on the iPad too which is the nicest way to play with friends as it’s much easier for each person to watch the way the game is being played. Dicewords also takes advantage of Apple’s latest 64-bit chip if present.

The most recent update incorporates the feedback from a great group of visually impaired iOS users into substantial game enhancements using Apple’s VoiceOver technology.

And unlike the original game, you won’t lose any of these dice under the sofa!

Mobile Casino Games

Playing online casino games via your mobile devices have never been easier. If online casino is your choice of mobile entertainment, there are few things that we feel are important to bring to your attention.

The Mobile Devices

We have to feel thankful for the evolution of computing, in the direction of mobile. Laptops have had a long run as the de facto ‘mobile’ computer. But of course, officially (statistically) they are now out-produced and outnumbered by mobiles — whether we’re talking about tablets or smart phones. Device-wise we must take into account both operating systems and the brands that fly with them. The Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod scene is like a chic gated community spread across the world: it’s a self-contained world of machines and apps. Other than Apple, we have Android, which is the most popular mobile system to date, globally. There is also the up-and-coming Windows wave, or the newest Blackberry OS. Let’s not underestimate alternatives such as the Facebook version of Android, or other newcomers. Then, at our fingertips and very intimate, we have the actual smart phones or tablet-computers running game apps. Samsung, Sony and HTC are the top contenders for Apple in terms of quality. Mobile computers, miraculously, happen to have the right specs and hardware to be ideal gaming equipment — the world’s best yet!

Mobile Casino Games

The Games Themselves

Games these days are delivered by sophisticated gaming companies, with armies of digital artists who are turning out visual quality as good as what we see in major-run animated films. These studios are located in many countries including the USA, the UK, Sweden and Eastern Europe. All land-based casino games are now represented by ultra-realistic and in some cases live online and mobile alternatives. Roulette (live, mobile) has emerged as a fabulously popular new hit — freed from the traditional stuffiness of the physical game. Of course, Poker and Blackjack are thriving as mobile games. Video poker also still has a massive following. Then, there are the slots — thousands of them at this point. Video slots, fruit machines, themed slots and so forth, there are worlds and worlds of mobile slot machine action available for you today.

The Casino Sites and Apps

Just like the diversity of game titles available nowadays, there are countless online casinos, most of which offer mobile apps for nearly every platform. True, the vast majority of them merely license their game portfolios from the gaming companies. A few make them in-house. The trend in 2015 and beyond is HTML5, the Web’s native code, which can now deliver gaming in full force. The end of apps and dawn of playing in-the-browser is upon us!

The Payment Methods

Lastly, we put major emphasis on safety when you play online. Your main line of defence against e-criminals is to choose an alternative to credit or debit cards, which require way too many personal details (transmitted online). Your best bet, to stay anonymous and safe during payments, is to use methods like PayPal, Ukash, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard — there is a spectrum to serve your needs.

Let Your Inner Gamer Run Wild With the iGames App

Video games hold a soft place in our hearts. Before technology put a big shiny screen in our face all the time, all we had was the Atari, the Sega, and the Nintendo 64… and yes, even the GameCube. Now that we’re squarely in a world where the Xbox One still has to share space with our computer game towers, there’s still one big problem: how on earth do you categorize all these games, let alone get new intel on all of them?

Well, the iGames app has a great solution to all of this. Instead of hopping from website to website to get the latest scoop on the games you want to purchase, you can let iGames take care of all of it for you. It’s a one stop destination to get the latest information on a game, or even to get reviews from other players. We’ve all had times where we pre-ordered a game, only to find that it was less than enjoyable. Being able to check out reviews from other gamers is super important.

iGames App

But that’s not all that you get when it comes to the iGames app. There’s a sweet calendar feature that gives you the ability to add release dates for the future. If you’re the type of person that always forgets when the next game is set to come out, this feature saves you time and money. Sometimes there are even pre-order discounts that include free gifts with purchase, making those key dates even more critical.

The best part of iGames is that it doesn’t just cover the “new” games on the PS4 or the Xbox One. You’re getting a games database that covers some of the old school games from the Atari and the Saga and all of the other vintage gaming systems. The current database spans over 20,000 games, and that number is growing all the time.

The interfaces iGames uses is super slick, which is what most Apple fans have grown to expect from all the apps on their devices. But still, you’ll love the way every screen flows into the next screen. It’s an intuitive app that has all of the highly used features in view, and all you have to do is just touch and move where you want to go.

If you’re ready to rate games, check out new releases, and catch up on all of the game rumors with other fans, it’s time to download the iGames app.

Bingo’s on the move

It was only a couple of decades ago that the only place you could play a game of bingo was at the local bingo hall. However, for many people who play bingo today, they’ve only ever experienced it as an online game, and in the last few years, more and more players have been taking the game of bingo with them wherever they go as it’s now available from so many bingo sites as a mobile app.

There are plenty of reasons why bingo would be a popular game to play on your phone or other mobile device. While many games are available for the smaller screen devices, the more complex the graphics are, the more you lose in terms of player experience when playing on a small screen. With bingo that’s not something you need to worry about. The graphics are pretty simple in a game of bingo and there isn’t much that a player needs to do to actually play the game. All they need to do is decide which games to enter and how many tickets to buy. Then, once the game is in play, it looks after itself, with the auto-daub feature marking off matching numbers on the player’s cards and the software automatically logging a win when it happens.

by  pennuja

by pennuja

So the player is free to sit back and watch what’s happening with their card, choosing whether or not to go into the chat rooms and talk to other players while the game’s going on. This is another reason why so many people choose to play bingo on their mobile. If you’re on a journey, or waiting for an appointment, it’s great to be able to login to play a game that not only gives you a chance of winning a cash prize, but can bring you some instant company as well.

If you go onto any of the sites like 888bingo, Gala or Costa bingo, you’ll see that the whole vibe on the sites is about having fun, and getting value for money. For example, there are always lots of different promos going on at This month, there’s a special X-Factor promo where players could win a Samsung Smart TV, PS4 and an X-Factor Game. The tie-in with the X-Factor is not just because the show is in full swing now; Mel B is also the brand ambassador for Costa. Depositing players will automatically qualify for a free card to play Mel’s Xtra Collection 75-ball bingo game, and if you deposit any cash into your account, you can get another four cards to play. So every day that you deposit, you have up to five free chances of winning the promo game.

According to a survey by comScore last summer, there are now more than 20 million people in the UK who see themselves as regular mobile gamers. Many of them will be playing bingo because it’s a game that can be tapped into at a moment’s notice and doesn’t take too long to play a game. If you only have five minutes to spare, you can still fit a game of bingo in. Surprisingly, not all mobile play happens away from the home. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of those surveyed said they played on the mobile in the living room, while another 45% said they used their mobile to play games in the bedroom. When you think about it, if you want to chill out while you play it makes much more sense to play on your mobile as you can sit or lie down while playing and hold the device in just one hand. And if you want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the X-Factor on TV while playing bingo, it makes perfect sense to play on a phone or tablet!

Send-me-pix for iPhone and iPad

Let me ask you, how many photos do you have in your iPhone or iPad? Some people have a thousand and some have five thousand. You can use those photos or take current ones to use in the new addictive game of send-me-pix.

This is how it works!

You take a photo of yourself, your dog or cat …

Apply a free overlay to it (like a gold crown)
(You’ve just made a hysterically funny photo!)

Send it to a friend.
They will LOL and wonder, “how’d you do THAT”?

Now it’s their turn to do the same thing! And they will because it’s FREE to download send-me-pix and start playing right away.


What happens next?

Because you put an overlay on a photo and sent it, you receive a virtual coin. When your friend does the same thing back, you both receive a virtual coin. Accumulate enough virtual coins and you can buy more cool overlays!

You can zing these to all your friends and have ricocheting photos shooting all over the place! You will accumulate enough coins to buy different overlays than everyone else has and you can shoot out photos again.

This game is appropriate for all ages. Parents will be especially pleased to have a game for their children which will contribute to an appreciation for photography in a very creative way. Also, it’s an entertaining, energizing, and very fun game, not just for children, but for everyone. But as a parent, you will be glad to finally see a game on the market that is enriching and educational for children rather than detrimental, as are war games.

Teens and adults will also have a great time with this App. It will spread among your friends like wildfire, because they’ll want to get in on the fun action of send-me-pix. The best part is, it’s FREE! And everyone can afford FREE!