Angry Birds Game

Angry birds are on the top lists of video games these days. People are crazy about this new game. Cute wingless birds and the green pigs captured the attention of many fans all over the world. Angry Birds Game was voted being the best game application on April 2011 in London and become a big winner during the Appy Awards.

The reason why this game became popular is because of its simplicity. The birds game has simple modes that can easily be understood and follow. The players will only need to drag the slingshot, target and release. The villain green pigs are hiding in different places with materials like ice, stone and wood walls. The aim of the Angry Birds game is to destroy the green pigs.

The game has several levels and it will only take you a couple or two minutes to finish one level. However, as you are progressing, the levels will become more difficult. The game also has clear edge with the cute birds as well as green pigs. The wicked pigs were designed to be lovely. To add more with the cute designs, they also have attractive colors that are very well combined together. For every level, you will notice different looks and settings. That makes Angry Birds Game suitable for young and adult players.

Angry Birds Game

In addition to that, the Angry Birds Game has launched plenty of holiday versions. For every new season, 15 new levels are also being added. Throughout the game, players can collect lots of colorful eggs. Discover the best is that green pigs are much cuter with bunny ear hats. Angry Birds enthusiasts are always anticipating the latest season which is certainly filled up with delightful game.

Consequently, the Angry Birds Game is an excellent choice for us all to relax and play with these cute little birds and pigs. The particular layout and video game function help make this game recognized and loved all over the world. When Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds ventured into film making, Angry Birds fanatics increased in substantial number. In the movie-making business, promotions and publicity is being taken seriously. The extent of the lengths of the advertisements provided for the Angry Birds Rio was quite huge, it made the game even more famous not only to the already admirers of the game. But it was made known to those who haven’t heard of the game fame. It proved this decision has helped a great deal on spreading the already ballooning popularity of Angry Birds Game.

Oracle 1z0-040 Database 10g: New Features for Administrators Certification Exam

Preparation for the 1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators exam should be taken seriously as there are sixteen different topics that will be referenced on the exam along with their objectives and a minimum score of seventy-three percent is required. Knowledge must be possessed in the following areas just to list a few; installation, automatic management, application tuning, space management, flashback any error, and miscellaneous new features.

This is not nearly all that will be one the exam so it is imperative that the complete exam guide be referenced for preparation purposes. There will be a time limit on the exam so that is another reason that good preparation is a must.


There are practice exam available from ExamTrace that can help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the topics that will be covered allowing for more focus on the weaker areas. One of the two following courses are suggested as part of the process as well; Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators or the Release 2 version of the same title.

If the need is felt for further reinforcement of knowledge there are self-study CDs available and a link for more reference materials on the Oracle site.

Karoshi Walkthrough


Nice and easy start. Just walk right up the steps and jump onto spikes. Good Job. 


Another easy one. Just push box over to the right against the wall. Jump on top and then onto the spikes.good Job. 


Walk onto blue button and boxes will fall. Push one onto the blue button and other up against the wall. Then jump up onto box and then wall and jump onto spikes. Good Job. 


Jump onto ledge with box. Push box as far left on ledge so it’s hanging off. Then jump down and stand on blue button and box will fall onto you and splat. Good Job.  Continue reading

Dead Escape Walkthrough

This is a complete Walkthrough for Dead Escape from Wabo Studios.

Feel free to use it if you get stuck,but only use as a last resort as it’s best to figure it out for yourselves.

Hope this helps and have fun playing this game.

 iPhone Screenshot 5


After the opening cut-scene you need to get the Detergent and Cereal.

Detergent is located in 2nd aisle and cereal is located in the third aisle.Then go to the counter and place these objects on it.

After a cut-scene in which zombies will be outside the front of the store and the owner has locked you in you will then have to talk to the store owner.

He will give you a storage key.Before going to the storage room examine the bargain bin which is located at the end of one of the aisles and pick up the toy umbrella.

Examine the umbrella and tap of the handle and it break off and create a hook(this is used later).

Go to the Storage room and unlock it with the key and go inside.

The storage room is dark so you must go to near the back exit door and examine the panel.Touch the switches and get them all up top and the lights will turn on.

Examine the shelves and you will find a wrench(this is used in a bit).Examine the desk and open the drawers and you will find an icepick in the third drawer.

Pick this up and go back into the store and go to the meat freezer.Open this up and you will then use the ice pick to get a pack of meat(this is used in a bit on a dog out back).

Whilst in the shop go talk to Sondra(the women obviously) and she will give you some sleeping pills.Examine these so you are left with a pill.

Go back into the storage room and exit out the back door into the alley.Examine the dumpster and pick up the microwave. Continue reading

Escape From LaVille

Stuck on Escape From LaVille?..Here’s a walkthrough of the game for when you totally get stuck like i did quite a few times.

Be warned spoilers alert!!

So only use when you are truly stuck,as better to work it out for yourself even if you will probably pull your hair out doing so.

Enjoy and have fun. 

iPhone Screenshot 1

After the intro you are in a walled room.

Pick up the plastic cup on top of the barrel and hammer that’s just to the bottom of the barrel.

Use the hammer on the skull in the corner and you will get a knob for the tap.

Use the knob on the tap and water will flow.

Place cup under water and you will now have some energy.

Tap on the hatch on top of screen and up you go.

Go to room on right.

Pick up newspaper.

Click on table and on teapot on table.

You will now have a metal key.

You can also pick up an old key to use later on top of the fireplace.

Go right into kitchen and pick up Puppy chow.

Go back left and then go up stairs.

Go into first room and pick up newspaper.

Go to key cabinet on wall and here you will find a gold key. Continue reading

Goal Battle

Want to Compete Online in a volley goalscoring soccer game against Players in REAL TIME at the SAME TIME from Around the World!..

Well now you can in Goal Battle from Mobicle.

 iPhone Screenshot 1

Pretty much like one of my all time top 50 iPhone games HomeRun Battle 3D,Goal Battle is an online multiplayer soccer game,not baseball this time though,where you have to score goals and reach your goal before your opponent does.

Game also features an offline mode in which you get 10 lives to try and score as many goals and points as possible.

Balls will come at you from either left or right and will also come at you at different speeds,which you can see as the ball comes at you.

They will also come at you in either a full volley or half volley,but this is indicated.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Time your kick,you do this by dragging the screen in the direction you want your shot to go,but only when the ball is near you. Correctly time it and the ball will head towards the goal.

Will you score though because the keeper has some mad skills,sometimes anyways. If you do you you will obviously score a goal and also points.

If you time it correctly as well,it will go in slo-mo and you will score an incredible goal, which is a cool touch. 

Try to keep scoring and get that multiplyer up, miss and it goes back down again. Some balls will also give you extra points such as x2,x3 scores and also extra lives.

Gold balls will also come at you and these should be scored as they will be used to purchase different hairstyles, shirts,boots and shorts which will increase your abilities.

Now onto the online multiplayer mode in which obviously you play online and battle fellow players across the globe in the same way as the offline mode.

But the goal in this is to reach your goal before your opponent.Do so and you will receive points, gold balls(hopefully) and rank up in the world.

During the online battles you can also see you opponent in the bottom left hand of the screen in real time,though having said that you don’t really want to be looking at them as the ball comes at you.

iPhone Screenshot 4

Some battles if you are good will last maybe 5 or 6 kicks.Others though if the goalkeeper is in inspired form could last upto 2-3 mins.

This is a challenging and ADDICTING game for all us soccer nuts out here in the world and is great fun, especially when beating the top 50 players in the world with ease,like i did on my first few goes.

Graphics in game are nice and of course the sound is what you would expect in a soccer game and also features some nice comments when you score a goal.

Only negative points would be that it takes a long time to get gold balls and to be able to customise your player. You can buy them with iap’s though.

Also you may get a crash now and then when online,but has not happened that often to me to annoy me that much,but be warned. it may happen to you.

But having said that this is still a great multiplayer soccer game.

iPhone Screenshot 3 

Overall i’m going to give this cool soccer online multiplayer game a very nice 4.5/5.

Challenging and addictive online mutiplayer soccer game.

Fans of soccer will certainly have a blast in more ways than one with this cool volley scoring soccer game.