What comprises 9 alphabetic dice which can be combined in millions of combinations?

The answer is Dicewords for iOS. Dicewords is often unpredictable and always great fun, strengthens your vocabulary and gives your brain some exercise. This Universal iOS app, an electronic reinterpretation of Graham Lipscomb’s popular DICEWORDS offers a balanced blend of strategy and luck which can also be very effective as an educational tool.


On each turn you have up to three rolls in which to build the highest-scoring word you can, so typically you keep (or “hold”) some dice and re-roll the others, aiming to get the letters you need. It’s best to have several word ideas in mind because you never know which letters will come your way. Longer words will usually score you more – and if you can use the high value letters then you can get really big scores! There’s much more to this game than lucky dice rolls though. A feature unique to Dicewords, and central to gameplay, is the ‘Dice Table’ which shows all the faces of each dice at a glance enabling you to weigh up the odds of rolling particular combinations – and therefore use strategy to improve your chances.

The interface to the game is intentionally simple – most of the screen is occupied by the dice and the Dice Table allowing you to focus on what matters – just as in the original physical dice game. Interaction is simply by dragging or flicking the dice left or right and tapping or swiping a dice to “hold” it.

The game can be played solo or with up to 7 other players, the in-game clock being very useful during a multiplayer game to ensure that the game moves along at a fair speed. The clock can be turned off during a solo or multiplayer game as the aim is to make the highest scoring words possible, not to race against the clock. At the end of a game the average scores are calculated and displayed – this is the true measure of your skill at Dicewords. The app takes care of the scoring and automatically prompts the next player to roll. Words can be validated against the standard iOS dictionary if installed or each word can be approved individually.

If you fancy a “beat the clock” challenge then flip the screen and play against the built-in Puzzle. The familiar screen operates differently in this mode where you now choose a word, from an available 150, which you aim to spell in the shortest time possible by tapping the letter you want in the Dice Table which “rolls” that dice. Some words can be spelled quickly but the majority require rather more cunning and on the way you will learn more about the Dice Table so improving your game when playing Dicewords itself.

Settings allow configuration for number of players, length of puzzle words, game clock, time per turn and number of turns. Full instructions and game play hints are included within the game and there’s an optional “Extra Help” setting to get you started.

Dicewords runs natively on the iPad too which is the nicest way to play with friends as it’s much easier for each person to watch the way the game is being played. Dicewords also takes advantage of Apple’s latest 64-bit chip if present.

The most recent update incorporates the feedback from a great group of visually impaired iOS users into substantial game enhancements using Apple’s VoiceOver technology.

And unlike the original game, you won’t lose any of these dice under the sofa!

Playing Slots on Your iPhone Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

The best part about owning an Apple iPhone? You get to take full advantage of those bright colors. The Retina display is a sight to behold, but you only get the most out of it if you’re using apps that tap into everything that premium display has to give. While we’re on the subject of apps, why not think about a mobile casino?

Having fun on the go often means finding things that aren’t going to just end up getting boring after a few plays. A lot of the “jewel” and “swap” games tend to have this effect. Fun for a little while, but dreadfully boring after a little bit.


Why not play slot games for real money?

You can do so at a quality mobile casino that takes full advantage of every drop of color your iPhone can display. Full sound is part of the package, giving you the foundation for literally hours of entertainment. Being able to cash out your winnings the same way you would on a laptop is absolutely thrilling.

There are web casino interfaces that give you a mobile web view of a casino. That was the old generation of casino play for mobile phones. The new generation is sophisticated apps that give you a bird’s eye view of the casino, with full ability to play whatever game looks appealing. Perhaps you’ll take advantage of a slot game with 30 paylines or better and loaded with free spins. Or maybe you’ll decide to try your luck at poker on your terms. When the game starts getting intense, you can always go to the park to cool off for a few minutes. Then you can jump back in the game and keep on going.

The newest version of the Casino and slot games app from 888 Casino is a real winner, and it’s one that you can download for free from the App Store. It’s a direct gateway to everything that 888casino offers, and it comes directly from their own in-house development. This means that if there’s a feature you just have to have, or a problem that needs to be fixed right away, they will take care of it promptly.

The stage is set for you to play slots on your iPhone if that’s what you want to do. It is a great way to pass the time. Besides, you can’t win if you don’t play! Download the new mobile casino app from 888 Casino today!

Mobile Roulette Strategy

More and more people like to frequent online casinos, even more so now that they are available on your phone. These sites are now accessible near enough anywhere.

But, while people may play strategically in a casino, on mobiles they can be a lot more whimsical and as a result end up losing large chunks of money. And while it may be impossible to count cards whilst playing blackjack online you can implement roulette strategy at online casinos UK and other countries that allow for gambling.

Photo by: jessica mullen

Photo by: jessica mullen

Below are two forms of roulette strategy that work on both mobile, PC and in real life.

The Martingale System

The Martingale system is the easiest to get your head around as well as being the most mathematically sound. Instead of focusing on a huge jackpot, the Martingale system is process that methodically boosts your winnings.

It is a system that requires self-constraint and a certain degree of mental aptitude – start by betting the smallest amount on even bets (red/black, even/odd). To keep things simple we will say that you bet £1 on red – if the ball lands, brilliant, if not repeat said bet but double the stake to £2. If successful this time you would have won £4 with just £3 investment. Once you’ve won you go back to the minimum stake and start again.

Of course the Martingale system does not guarantee victory. If your luck is not in, say you have lost eight spins after starting out with an original £1 bet, you would have lost £255 and therefore would have to spend £256 on the next spin. So it can be costly.

The Martingale system does work but like all gambling strategies it is dependent on Lady Luck.

James Bond System

James Bond is the ultimate fictional spy. His daring, brazen approach has saved Britain and the world on numerous occasions so it is only befitting that he has a high risk roulette strategy.

On a European casino wheel the house has a 2.63% advantage while an American wheel gives the house a whopping 5.26% advantage – so play European for crying out loud.


Back to the Bond system, to utilise it you need a decent bankroll for the purpose of explaining we will say £200.

So with your £200, £110 should be staked on the high half, while £80 should go on the first third, and for insurance place £10 on one of the zeroes. Once the money is down, you will have all the numbers between 1-12 and 19-36, and by betting on a zero you cover your bet. So with this method you actually end up with 31 out of the 38 possible numbers, giving you an 81.5% chance of success.

The winning breakdown looks something like this, if the ball lands between 1 and 12, you win £240. While if it lands between 18 and 36, then you win £220, while a zero would leave you with £360. If your luck isn’t in and you do lose then you can use the Martingale system to try and reclaim your costs – that would entail a £400 bet though.

The Bond strategy is safe and dangerous at the same time, much like its namesake. It gives you the highest possible probability of winning but a single loss can wipe you out.

Both these strategies have their obvious benefits and drawbacks but the ultimate roulette strategy for mobile or land based casinos is caution. Always use your head, the second you don’t is the second where you start getting into trouble. Also, once the enjoyment is gone stop betting, it is pointless.

Increase your gambling edge when betting online

People who use a betting exchange to place their sporting or other bets are already one step ahead of most gamblers as they can benefit from the fact that on an exchange, there’s no bookie as such. It’s just other punters like them, placing their own bets and laying (accepting) other people’s. You can bet quickly and easily on a multiple of markets and you only pay commission to the exchange on a winning bet.

But now you can take your betting to another level and have a greater advantage over other exchange users by using different apps to enhance your betting system. Betfair, the world’s biggest betting exchange, has a range of apps that can be downloaded to give you that extra edge when betting against other users who don’t use the trading apps.

Betfair apps

All the Betfair trading apps on offer give you the ability to place a bet in one click and at the time you specify, a fast refresh of market data. They also enable you to place bets from a mobile or tablet – ideal for live in-play bets.

One example is Fairbot, a betting and trading tool for beginners and pro gamblers alike. It incorporates real-time price movement charts, information displays and market analysis and allows you to keep an eye on multiple markets at once. The sophisticated features on Fairbot provide you with an advantage over other Betfair users that could enable you to turn a profit. As the app comes with a simulation mode, you can try out different real life situations in terms of the bets you place without risking any real money – until you’re confident enough to give it a real go.

All of the Betfair apps come with a free trial – the Fairbot one lasts for seven days; others for 15 days. It’s an ideal way of trying out what the apps have to offer without making a long-term commitment. In fact, there’s nothing to stop you trialling a couple of different trading apps and seeing which you enjoy using the most.

Winner Bingo

With the popularity of online bingo at an all-time high, it’s important to find the bingo sites that will give to give you the best bang for your buck. When you’re on your morning commute or simply trying to pass a few minutes during the day, you want a game that you can play on your smartphone which requires little concentration but is also fun to play. Despite being just two years old, Winner Bingo has quickly established as one of the internet’s best places to play bingo. With its bright, vibrant and exciting homepage, you know from the start that this is a new age of bingo.

Photo by William Hook

Photo by William Hook

With its combination of flash banners and fantastic visual graphics, the Winner Bingo site makes no secret over the fact this is a website with the emphasis very much on fun. And with the brilliant offers for new players – including a free £20 no deposit bonus when you join – it’s also one of the most tempting bingo websites around. Powered by Virtue Fusion, the smooth gameplay, impressive graphics and instant games, Winner Bingo is a superb place to visit for fans of bingo who also enjoy the social element that is often overlooked with online bingo.

After going through the brief sign-up process, you’re armed with your no deposit bonus and ready to start playing your favourite games within minutes. The bingo site offers the usual 75 and 90 ball bingo games, but that figure will only increase as Winner Bingo becomes more popular. The bingo lobby is packed with suite casino games, many of which regular online bingo players will recognise, from the ever-popular Clover Rollover to new brilliant games such as Thors Thunder and Mafia Millions. If those games don’t float your particular boat, however, there is a wide-range of casino games that will take your fancy, all using the Virtue Fusion software.

The tabbed toolbar at the top of the Winner Bingo homepage has to be one of the website’s finest features. Packed with plenty of information for new players to enjoy and explore. From bingo tutorials to a full breakdown of payment methods, all aspects of the website are fully explained and give players the confidence to enjoy everything the website has to offer. The payment section of the site explains the standard encrypted banking function which makes sure all transactions are smooth and secure. Continue reading

App review: Vonage Extensions

For those of us that have ever had the misfortune of calling a friend we don’t know is abroad only to discover a hefty bill at the end of the month for the privilege of speaking to them, this app is a real godsend. Brought to you by Vonage – the low cost, unlimited international call provider – Vonage Extensions lets you share a Vonage call plan with up to two smartphones. This enables you to make both international and UK calls direct from your smartphone using the basic Vonage monthly call package, which start from £8.50 per month. Nice and simple, right?

Wave goodbye to unexpected bills and roaming charges and say hello to unlimited international calling direct from your smartphone. What’s also great about this app is the ease with which you can set it up. Simply choose your Vonage plan and set up your Vonage account, download the free Vonage Extensions app from the online app store on your smartphone, link your smartphone to your Vonage account (you can add up to two and you must have a UK mobile number), then you’re ready to start making calls from your smartphone to destinations all over the world at no extra charge.


Vonage is able to offer low cost, unlimited international calling from your smartphone by utilising your home broadband connection and Voice over Internet Protocol, making it perfect for speaking to friends and family spread over different continents or keeping in touch with business colleagues virtually anywhere worldwide. With 68 countries (and counting) currently covered – everywhere from Bulgaria to Brazil can be contacted via their high quality service.

When you compare the calling rates of Vonage to the leading mobile telecommunications operators you’ll soon realise that this app can save you an absolute bundle. Aside from the basic £8.50 a month option there’s also a 3000 inclusive minutes plan that lets you call India, the US, Canada and the UK from £14.99 per month. If you have friends or relatives in any of these countries that you want to keep in contact with regularly then it really is the best possible deal for international calling from your smartphone.

Price: FREE Developer: Vonage

Best iPhone 5S Games

The iPhone is now an established gaming platform and these gems will prove it:

Battle For Wesnoth HD

Battle For Wesnoth HD

This immense strategy game features 18 huge campaigns, made up of over 300 scenarios. In short, you’re getting a tremendous amount of gameplay and that’s before you even consider playing online. Recommended.

Price: $3.99 Developer: Kyle Poole

Fish Ball

Fish Ball

Fish Ball is a simple game where you must prepare fish balls as quickly as possible for waiting customers. There are four types of food available and customers typically want their sticks to contain at least three pieces. While the single player works well due to the online leaderboards, the real fun becomes apparent when you’re in a frantic race against a friend.

Price: $1.99 Developer: Twin Games

Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade

This re-creation of classic pinball machines is not only visually impressive, but every sound and feature of the tables has been re­created perfectly. Input is intuitive, while smart camera angles hone in on the action, so you’ll never miss a trick. The dev claims more tables are on the way, and since all this is bundled in for free it’s clear this is a work of passion.

Price: $0.99 Developer: FarSight Studios

DOFUS: Battles 2 HD

DOFUS- Battles 2 HD

This offshoot of popular MMO DOFUS is a neat mix of tower defence and Pokemon battles. The art style is superb, and the small missions are well suited to mobile play. Put simply, DOFUS: Battles 2 is a great game for RPG fans everywhere.

Price: $2.99 Developer: Ankama

UniWar HD

Another Advance Wars tribute, although this time with a distinct sci-i theme. The absorbing gameplay is backed up by a 21-mission campaign mode, over 1,000 online maps and the ability to play against up to eight players. Another budget gem that manages to make many of its higher-priced peers look distinctly average in comparison.

Price: $0.99 Developer: TBS Games Continue reading

Get To Grips With Garageband’s Smart Strings

GarageBand for iOS’s latest update includes a new ‘smart’ instrument Smart Strings. Find out how to get the most out of this addition in your musical projects

If you’ve used GarageBand on the iPad before, you’ll know just how great the built-in instruments are when you haven’t got yours to hand. If you’re new to the app, the software instruments are hugely useful for fleshing out your basic riffs with a full backing band.

The latest update introduces Smart Strings, giving you the ability to add everything from a full orchestra to a solo cello to your arrangements. The beauty of Smart Strings is that it’s designed for artists of any musical ability, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting to grips with the tool.

Over the next nine steps, we’ll walk you through the options of this fantastic update so you can really make the most of what’s available. It helps if you have some idea of the notes being played, as these will form the basis of what the strings do, but even if you don’t it’s just as easy to play back a track and practise before you hit record. Let’s get composing!

GarageBand for iOS

Step by Step: Get To Grips With Garageband’s Smart Strings


Fire up the GarageBand app, tap on the plus icon in the top-right corner, and then select New Song to start a new arrangement. You are also offered the option to add Smart Strings to your existing songs on GarageBand.


Swipe through the various icons in the instruments menu until you locate Smart Strings The icon depicts a set of strings and a bow inside a cog, Tap on that to get started and you’ll find yourself presented with the interface.


Once Smart Strings has loaded, you’ll see the instruments that are playing across the top and the notes and chords you can play below. There are also Autoplay options towards the top-right for easier compositions


Tapping on any of the notes will pluck the strings As you’d expect the farther up the note you tap, the higher the note will be, while farther down the lower octaves will play. Swiping up and down will produce full chords.


Tapping on any of the instruments towards the top will grey them out and remove them from the arrangement – effectively muting them. Here, only the Cello is selected for a solo performance. Tap again to bring back the full complement.


Tapping on the button in the top-left corner 3elow My Songs will select the string playing style and overall sound. There are four different genres to choose from – so find one that best matches the sound you’re looking for.


To make life easier, drag the Autoplay rotary control to make your string section automatically play a series of notes and chords. Each number on the control produces a different arrangement so get experimenting.


If you’re a more accomplished player and fancy some more control over the instruments, tap the Notes button in the top-left to play individual strings on an instrument’s fretboard by tapping and holding them accordingly.


f you really want to customise the sound of your strings, tap the Scale button towards the top-right of the fretboard to choose the musical scale that the notes you play can follow – perfect for tailoring Strings to an existing arrangement.

Angry Birds Game

Angry birds are on the top lists of video games these days. People are crazy about this new game. Cute wingless birds and the green pigs captured the attention of many fans all over the world. Angry Birds Game was voted being the best game application on April 2011 in London and become a big winner during the Appy Awards.

The reason why this game became popular is because of its simplicity. The birds game has simple modes that can easily be understood and follow. The players will only need to drag the slingshot, target and release. The villain green pigs are hiding in different places with materials like ice, stone and wood walls. The aim of the Angry Birds game is to destroy the green pigs.

The game has several levels and it will only take you a couple or two minutes to finish one level. However, as you are progressing, the levels will become more difficult. The game also has clear edge with the cute birds as well as green pigs. The wicked pigs were designed to be lovely. To add more with the cute designs, they also have attractive colors that are very well combined together. For every level, you will notice different looks and settings. That makes Angry Birds Game suitable for young and adult players.

Angry Birds Game

In addition to that, the Angry Birds Game has launched plenty of holiday versions. For every new season, 15 new levels are also being added. Throughout the game, players can collect lots of colorful eggs. Discover the best is that green pigs are much cuter with bunny ear hats. Angry Birds enthusiasts are always anticipating the latest season which is certainly filled up with delightful game.

Consequently, the Angry Birds Game is an excellent choice for us all to relax and play with these cute little birds and pigs. The particular layout and video game function help make this game recognized and loved all over the world. When Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds ventured into film making, Angry Birds fanatics increased in substantial number. In the movie-making business, promotions and publicity is being taken seriously. The extent of the lengths of the advertisements provided for the Angry Birds Rio was quite huge, it made the game even more famous not only to the already admirers of the game. But it was made known to those who haven’t heard of the game fame. It proved this decision has helped a great deal on spreading the already ballooning popularity of Angry Birds Game.

Oracle 1z0-040 Database 10g: New Features for Administrators Certification Exam

Preparation for the 1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators exam should be taken seriously as there are sixteen different topics that will be referenced on the exam along with their objectives and a minimum score of seventy-three percent is required. Knowledge must be possessed in the following areas just to list a few; installation, automatic management, application tuning, space management, flashback any error, and miscellaneous new features.

This is not nearly all that will be one the exam so it is imperative that the complete exam guide be referenced for preparation purposes. There will be a time limit on the exam so that is another reason that good preparation is a must.


There are practice exam available from ExamTrace that can help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the topics that will be covered allowing for more focus on the weaker areas. One of the two following courses are suggested as part of the process as well; Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators or the Release 2 version of the same title.

If the need is felt for further reinforcement of knowledge there are self-study CDs available and a link for more reference materials on the Oracle site.