Cool guitar solos and hot platforming gameplay at your fingertips

Run and Rock-it Kristie is a colorful auto-running platformer with a couple of original ideas and design choices. The premise is simple: Kristie is late to the show and needs your help on her breakneck run to reach the stage to give a spectacular guitar performance for her fans.

The game starts as a classic platformer, teaching new players the basics, but gradually increases difficulty by introducing new gameplay elements like air-vent bumpers, springy balloons, hazardous spikes and enemies as well as new mechanics like wall-sprinting, rope-sliding and attacking.

Controls are single-touch in the first tour and two-touch for the rest of the game – one for jumping and one for attacking. Mastering the controls is essential and here is why. The game comes with 30 bite-sized levels. Those who are simply looking to fly through all levels will be able to do it in a couple hours. But if you’re looking to perfect each one, you definitely won’t do it in one sitting.


Each stage has collectibles in the form of musical notes and golden stars which when collected together add up to a hundred points. Finish with all collectibles and you’ll be rewarded with a unique guitar solo performed by Kristie. The collectibles are placed all over the stage and is takes a bit of exploration to find all of them.

What it means is you’ll need to dash through each stage several times before finding out the route to pull off the perfect run which might sound tedious but comes with a definite feeling of satisfaction once you manage to successfully do it.

The game looks very good, features a variety of time of year, weather and time of day setups and has an original up-beat soundtrack.


While unlocking guitar solos is cool, sometimes it’s not enough to make you genuinely want to beat each stage perfectly. The developer is planning to add different character outfits to the game as a sort of a more “visual” reward for players. That’s actually a good idea, since it’ll create an additional incentive to beat stages perfectly for those who are more interested in looks, rather than audio goodness.

The verdict

Run and Rock-it Kristie has very easy controls, but can be challenging if you’re really willing to put your skills to the test. The game rewards skillful players with original guitar solos and lets you get access to all features and future updates with just a single in-app purchase. Try it; it’s a free download after all.

App Store:

Improve How You Manage Business with the Wrike iOS Project Management App

Move over Blackberry: the iPhone has truly become the de facto business phone for on-the-go professionals. We’re a bit biased, but it’s been our experience that the majority of iOS apps just work without a lot of hassle or headaches. Now if you’re looking for a great productivity app to download, we’re dying to introduce you to Wrike.


This isn’t a company that just barely sticks their toes in the waters of time management and project management. They are fully committed to continually improving their product to help entrepreneurs, teams, and businesses reclaim their time and manage projects from anywhere in the world. The Wrike iOS app is a newer offering, currently at version 2.1.4., and they’re continually working on bringing more and more of the desktop features to the app. But overall, this is a company that has really tried to go above and beyond in providing project management empowerment, education, and real-world advice.


Here’s what you can do in the Wrike iOS app:

* Get instant access to all your projects and tasks.

* Enjoy seamless integration between the web-based online project management software and your iOS version.

* Easily process a lot of tasks by just swiping left or right. This is one of our favorite features, because it makes it easy to manage a huge work list. If you need to schedule a task, swipe left. If you need to modify it in any other way, swipe right.

* We think the flexible tagging and categorization is one of the best project management tools offered by Wrike. Color coding on tags is something that we were happy to see, as it’s an easy way to quickly track down your priorities. You could have one color for your most urgent projects, another color for “maybe some day” tasks, and so forth. 52 colors (plus a “no color” option) means the sky is the limit.

Overall, we really liked the feel of the Wrike iPhone app. Of course, we’re not the only group out there talking about Wrike. Even entrepreneur Redfoo (from the popular music duo LMFAO) uses Wrike to manage his creative business, and went on video to talk about how he uses the software.

If you’re trying to make better use of your time and manage your projects more efficiently, Wrike is definitely a tool that can help you achieve that. However, we will say that as with any productivity app, it takes the right mindset to improve how you manage your time and work. Consistent action and determination will lead you to success with any app, but we feel that Wrike stands out at the top of the pack.

Besides, you’re on an iPhone! Put that gorgeous retina display to good use with a great app, and take care of your projects with finesse. Go on and check it out today; you might be amazed by how it helps improve the way you work.

Apple & Google Try to Bring Mobile Gaming Home

As the mobile market continues to become more saturated, many companies are beginning to look for the next big audience. The answer may be more obvious than you think as two of the biggest players are looking at shifting their focus to turning mobile gaming into home gaming.

Both Apple and Google have announced updates for their respective Apple TV and Chromecast devices that will place a much larger emphasis on the gaming aspects of their streaming boxes. The devices will now do far more than merely stream videos and music to people’s television sets. They will be able to piggy-back off of the power of a smartphone or mobile device and allow users to play games on the television as well.

Mobile platforms are notably more accessible and easier for developers to work with, which leads to a much larger quantity of games being released at a quicker pace. While this amount of games means there might be a larger number of titles of varying quality, it also provides more room for experimentation and innovation, leading to surprise successes like Five Nights at Freddy’s and the social games out there.


In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Jeff Smith, a game developer and CEO of the Smule karaoke app, said that the challenges of entering the console market make mobile apps very attractive to smaller, independent developers.

“We think it’s significant if you consider the console market today: it’s been a market where there have been high barriers of entry to get into that market,” Smith said. “You have to get Sony and Microsoft or Nintendo to get you on to the platform, you have to have a custom deal, and they’re all proprietary platforms. With Apple bringing tvOS, which is a subset of iOS, onto a console-like platform, we think it lowers the barrier of entry. And I think you’ll see a lot more developers on the console market than ever before.”

This openness toward developers gives users more options as to the games they prefer to play, along with how and when they like to play them. The convenience and sheer volume of titles available ensure that there’s something for everyone, which has many finding their gaming fixes through their mobile devices. The mobile platform for Gala Casino is one online gaming service that provides gamers with an interactive and social gaming experience on browsers and mobile apps. With a full variety of classic casino games including slots, poker, and more gamers can quickly and easily play some of their favourite classic games. Additional interactive options like live dealers help players achieve a realistic casino experience that has yet to be recreated on traditional consoles.

And it isn’t just indie developers eagerly anticipating the new streaming devices, because some major developers are optimistic about the possibilities presented by the new platform. Ubisoft, developer of popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed, is looking forward to what it will be able to do with the new device. The company’s head of mobile, Jean-Michel Detoc, spoke to Fortune Magazine on how it’s looking forward to the possibilities presented by the new streaming devices.

“At Ubisoft, we are always keen to invest in promising new technology, and this is what we’re doing now with the Apple TV,” Detoc said. “Apple’s expertise and experience, coupled with an aggressive video game strategy for the device, will create all sorts of interesting new opportunities for us.”

While there might not be any reason for Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo to start worrying just yet, the next year will definitely say much about what to expect from the future of gaming.

Pool Empire – Don’t Miss This Game with over 8,000,000 Fans Recommendation!


With people from around the world to play with, the ability to challenge your friends, high quality graphics and beautiful cues and tables, Pool Empire represents a lifelike pool stage for you and fills your pool need right from your mobile phone. You can experience fun, joy and challenge whenever you are online or offline.


The graphics and special effects make the game feel so realistic. It looks elegant and the aestetics of the lighting in the game gives it a feeling of depth.

The balls in the game deserve a mention as they look like real spheres and not like a low poly count model. They do capture the sense of what a real sphere do in the real world, they are not just icons on the screen.



Pool Empire, based on American 8 ball rules, is a pool game with multiple gameplays, such as 1 vs.1, 8-player Competition, Bluetooth Battle, AI Battle, 14-1 Mode and so on.

You can play online in a one-on-one competition against another player in the world, or you can simply challenge your own friend. Also, you can just play offline if you don’t have an Internet connection or you just want to practice before playing with others.

According to Pool Empire’s Facebook (, a new version is coming. There will be some innovative gameplays, such as Puzzle Mode and Time-limited Mode and so on. Let’s wait and see.

pool games iphone

Special Game Features

There are some extra special features worth noting. The mini games in the app provide you opportunities to win rewards. Meanwhile, you can record a video while playing and upload to community to share your winning. Continue reading

Ready for a Feast of Dazzling Puzzles? Black Island Delivers In Spades

Let a gamer chill with you for a few hours, and eventually you’ll get to a topic that’s near and dear to every gamer’s heart: retro games. Specifically, adventure games. Who hasn’t grown up hacking and slashing their way across a world map? But today’s adventure games have gotten a big boost thanks to the iOS platform. Hey, we have no problem with Android phones around here, but it’s all about the iPhone and iPad as far as we’re concerned.

Let’s give you a new adventure game to sink your teeth into. This one is designed for the iOS platform, although there are alternate versions for the other systems. The game featured today is Black Island. We know: mild name, nothing really to see here…until you sit down and play.

black island iphone

Here’s the basics: it’s all about the point and tap, with heavy coats of storytelling. You get to look around for specific items and solve creative puzzles within the game. Don’t fail your quest, or you’ll never move forward in the game!

What’s really intriguing about Black Island is that there are short little video clips that extend the story beyond just the words, something that we thought was very clever. If you’ve played something like Skyrim, then you understand the importance of mini-movies within a game. It can bring an otherwise flat game to life in a matter of seconds. For well-crafted games like Black Island, it’s really just a buildup of interesting flavors that lead to something even more intriguing than before.

Black Island isn’t just for the Indiana Jones types in the audience; if you love to solve mysteries and always seem to know who the masked villain is before the big reveal, you’ll enjoy the challenge of this game just fine.

What we found most interesting is how the old and new were respected as the story unfolds. You have some strong elements of retro gaming, but not so much so that you can’t feel the modern overtones as well. This isn’t just for people wanting to relive the golden era of gaming; it’s for teens that need to have something interesting to play while they’re waiting on their parents. OK, the rest of us can play too, but if you have young gamers in the house you might have to wrestle your iPhone away…

This game is currently free until October 15th, giving you time to check out the game without having to remember a promo code.

The game is divided into three chapters. The first chapter starts out with a mysterious beginning: a lonely watchtower that shows the island perfectly, but you still can’t just climb it. How do you get up there without a ladder? You’ll just have to play and find out!

Download the game on the App Store

Official Website

Experience the world of Throne of Spirits!

Do you like RPGs but are tired of the endless grinding? Do you wish having an engaging game on your mobile device? Don’t worry, there is a solution for this.

Throne of Sprits

The game, the team, the battle

Throne of Spirits offers a unique experience which draws influence from games such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem. Yes, you heard correctly. The game offers a turn-based strategy-RPG experience with appealing battle system and large pool of obtainable characters. Moreover, the graphics are colorful and offer delightful, yet dynamic, details such as moving wings in the character portraits. As for the team, you have a possibility to use up to five characters. As the player levels up, slots for three supporting spirits will become available in order to utilize spirits’ powerful combo skills. In addition,the player is allowed to use one friend as a helper. For new players: don’t worry, there is no need to have a full friend list as you can use strangers to help you out! The battle system offers strategic stimulus as team members are turned into chess-like pieces which are moved around the battlefield and have different roles. However, contrary to chess, these roles don’t affect spirit’s movement, but its attack range and possible skills. As a team leader, the players is able to cast various spells in order to help the team to win fights. Overall, Throne of Spirits values player’s tactical skills over the endless grinding.

rpg game

Various modes open for further discovery

Throne of Spirits offers a few basic modes, namely Normal and Elite dungeon, which are accessible from the beginning. As the player levels up, more modes will be playable such as Special dungeon in the storyline. Moreover, modes such as Bounty, Treasure Cave, Mage Tower and Mythic Forest enable access to multiple resources. For competitive souls, Mine and Colosseum offer possibility to battle against other fellow players and test the strength of their teams. As this wasn’t enough, the guild provides possibility to play together, with friends or strangers, in order to complete guild specific dungeons.

Collect barbarians, goblins and Gods

As mentioned above, the character pool for Throne of Spirits is massive as it contains over 300 spirits. There are, for example, humans, barbarians, goblins and robots. Furthermore, these spirits are classified into different classes such as warriors, assassins, lancers, archers, healers and even pets to lighten the day. These spirits are assigned into various rarity levels from normal to super rare. If the player is lucky, a God might appear and further strengthen the team. The obtained spirits can be equipped and evolved, enabling boost to their statistics.

iphone game

Why you should download?

The battle system, the characters and free-to-play – these are only a few reasons. Moreover, as explained above, Throne of Spirits has a diverse playing environment that keeps on expanding as players progress, to keep the user experience ever-changing and rewarding. There aren’t too many similar free-to-play RPGs with real-time PVP and therefore, Throne of Spirit is worth trying. The game can be found in App Store by following this link.

Best mobile apps and gadgets to manage your money on the move

Keeping an eye on your spending habits can be one of the safest ways to stay out of debt, and we all know that prevention is better than cure. If you are suffering from debt, keeping a track of your budget – and sticking to it – is essential in order to avoid the spiral of debt that could end up costing you a lot more than you originally intended.

Are there any apps and gadgets that can help you manage your finances?

Many of us will keep some sort of budgeting system, whether it’s a traditional pen and paper job or something more technological – even using a custom spreadsheet on your home computer can be one of the simplest and most successful ways to keep track of your household budget. But when are we most likely to spend money? When we’re out and about, of course! Having a spreadsheet or accounts book at home is all well and good but having access to your personal budget while you’re on the move is even better.

Aside from signing up to the relevant mobile banking services from your personal bank, you should also investigate the range of mobile apps on the market for keeping track of your personal budget. If you’re one of those keen Apple fans who recently managed to get their hands on a brand new iPhone 6, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a host of useful home budget applications available to download for the iPhone.

Best budget management apps

My Student Budget Planner

1) If you’re a student, opt for the My Student Budget Planner, a simple and easy-to-use little app that keeps track of the most essential components of any student’s finance: loans, grants, wages, savings and outgoings.

While not the most complex application, it allows you to organise yourself with a weekly budget (great if you work part-time or are paid weekly) and rapidly update your budget with outgoings. You can also see your expenditure and budget for a total yearly period – again, great for students who work on a slightly different timetable to regular workers.

2) For those wanting something fairly simple to keep track on their budget whilst out, rather than a fully comprehensive budget application, the Budget Me Free application is excellent. Presenting your information in a clear visual format, you set your monthly budgets for a variety of expenses (including groceries, eating out, and utilities) and input expenditure as you go along. Continue reading

Bingo: A stubborn mule reluctant to change

As time has gone by the game of bingo has remained much the same. Sure, every now and then some maverick has attempted to revolutionize the experience in some way or other but after all is said and done the game is pretty much as it was centuries ago.

It has been through the use of technology that many have tried to change the game. In recent years, we have seen it being jazzed up and turned into a fast paced graphic intensive game by numerous app creators. Often the game has been given many different levels and has presumably been intended to capture the attention of those who normally play games in the action category.

When bingo first became popular in around 1995 the game took a very simple format, which interestingly, is pretty much exactly the same way it looks today.

In the online sphere we have seen the invention of live presenter bingo which has been made available online and via the television. At first this seemed like a good idea and a clever way to emulate the success of bingo with a traditional caller, but probably due to costs and accessibility issues, the online version was a flop.

On a slightly similar theme to the online presenter version of the game we have also witnessed the launch of ‘webcam’ bingo. The novel idea here was that in order to enhance the community element of the game, when a player wins their webcam would take a ‘selfie’ of them and display it to other players. The reasons for why this had the potential to be a great idea were plentiful, as were unfortunately, the concepts flaws. Webcam bingo proved very quickly to be a flop.

bingo iphone

In the much more recent years the bingo game has been adapted to be playable on mobile devices. Presumably millions of pounds have been spent on the adaptation of various software setups to bring bingo to smartphones, tablets and a smorgasbord of other modern, mobile, devices.

It seems beyond doubt that very soon all bingo brands are going to have a mobile offering for their customers. At this moment the quality of these are very varied. As of yet it seems that nobody has really done a particularly great job of overcoming the limitations presented by mobile devices inherently having a much smaller screen size.

If you find yourself away from your laptop computer there are certain sites, which we suggest you try before others. Here is a list of new mobile bingo sites, remember to check regularly as these sites are currently being launched on an almost weekly basis.

This is an exciting time for the game of bingo, as we said originally, the game has changed very little over the centuries, but what has changed is the way we access it. Most notably the Internet has presented the biggest change in access but the television has also played its part.

It will be extremely interesting to observe which future technologies emerge and influence the way in which we play the game. Our prediction is that the limited changes to the game itself are testament to the strength of the original version which people have become enamoured with over the centuries. We don’t expect this stubborn mule to make any changes soon.


From the moment you launch Fluttabyes and the game’s logo starts dancing to the incredibly cheerful theme tune, it’s almost impossible not to start bobbing your head along with it!

fluttabyes start

Fluttabyes is a bright, family-friendly, “Connect 4” type game. You must match four or more butterflies of the same colour so that they can fly-away. You goal depends on which of the five game-modes you choose to play:


butterflies iphone game

Matching butterflies earns you time as well as points and when the matched butterflies fly away, the grid is filled up again. Your time remaining is represented by the seeds on a dandelion; when all the seeds have blown away: it’s game over! If you match enough of a certain colour then you can earn a bonus Ladybird and if you match the maximum possible number of butterflies, you earn a Rainbow Butterfly.


This could also be called “Survival Practice” because it’s the same as Survival but without the time limit. This is a great place to learn how to earn the Ladybird and Rainbow Butterfly and then see what effect they have on the game grid.


solitaire butterflies

In this mode, when you successfully make a match and the butterflies fly away, they are not replaced. Your goal is to clear the grid of all butterflies as quickly as possible.


Butterflies fall from the top of the grid at an ever increasing rate. It starts off slow but after approximately one minute it can get quite hectic! The aim is to last as long as you can.


In the final game mode, there is a fixed time limit of 60 seconds to obtain the highest score you can. To help you, the bonus Ladybirds and Rainbow Butterflies are easier to obtain.

All game-modes have an associated Game-Center Leader-Board so you can compete with your friends and all other players around the world.

If you want to try-before-you-buy there is a free version of the game called “Fluttabyes Free” which limits you to 60 seconds of Survival mode.

Both the full version and free version can be downloaded here:

Do Not Forget Your Pills takes over the apple watch!

Last month, in March, we wrote about the app “Do Not Forget Your Pills” an amazing application that helps you remember all the medication, pills and vitamins you have to take throughout the day. But “Do Not Forget Your Pills” does a lot more: unlike many other Pill Reminder Apps, this one let’s users create many different plans for medication for different members of their family.

Here is a quick reminder and overview of what “Do Not Forget Your Pills” can do:

  • Create schedules and notifications for all medications
  • Set well-structured plans: exact timing, intervals, dosage
  • Manage calendars for many users
  • Manage reminders in a flexible system

The Apple Watch

And now: what you have all been waiting for: Do Not Forget Your Pills is nowadays available for the Apple Watch, too! Apple Watch Users can now manage their incoming reminders directly on their wrists.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 24.apr.2015 17.34.42

Via the Apple Watch one can snooze or postpone the incoming reminders, as well as mark them as done. Furthermore, you can see all the medication that needs to be taken within a certain time period.

How it works

As users are used to already, they will create their plans and those for others on their iPhone. They can input intervals, dosage and other details about the medication being taken. Furthermore, the app allows the option of customizing the ring tone for reminders, among other great features.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 24.apr.2015 17.35.15

The Apple Watch App will then automatically synchronize the plans created on the iPhone to the Apple Watch of the user, where s/he will from now on see all the reminders for the medication.

Once a reminder appears on the Apple Watch Screen, the user can choose between three different options to manage the reminder:

  • Done
  • Cancel
  • Later

Like this, the reminders will always reach the Apple Watch user in time, making it impossible to miss your next intake of medication!

Like this, you are free to enjoy your day without having constantly to worry about when to take your next medication: Do Not Forget Your Pills will take care of timing and reminders for you. You can just sit back relax and enjoy your brand-new Apple Watch!

Have fun!

This is the link to the app. Get it today!