Karoshi Walkthrough


Nice and easy start. Just walk right up the steps and jump onto spikes. Good Job. 


Another easy one. Just push box over to the right against the wall. Jump on top and then onto the spikes.good Job. 


Walk onto blue button and boxes will fall. Push one onto the blue button and other up against the wall. Then jump up onto box and then wall and jump onto spikes. Good Job. 


Jump onto ledge with box. Push box as far left on ledge so it’s hanging off. Then jump down and stand on blue button and box will fall onto you and splat. Good Job.  Continue reading

Dead Escape Walkthrough

This is a complete Walkthrough for Dead Escape from Wabo Studios.

Feel free to use it if you get stuck,but only use as a last resort as it’s best to figure it out for yourselves.

Hope this helps and have fun playing this game.

 iPhone Screenshot 5


After the opening cut-scene you need to get the Detergent and Cereal.

Detergent is located in 2nd aisle and cereal is located in the third aisle.Then go to the counter and place these objects on it.

After a cut-scene in which zombies will be outside the front of the store and the owner has locked you in you will then have to talk to the store owner.

He will give you a storage key.Before going to the storage room examine the bargain bin which is located at the end of one of the aisles and pick up the toy umbrella.

Examine the umbrella and tap of the handle and it break off and create a hook(this is used later).

Go to the Storage room and unlock it with the key and go inside.

The storage room is dark so you must go to near the back exit door and examine the panel.Touch the switches and get them all up top and the lights will turn on.

Examine the shelves and you will find a wrench(this is used in a bit).Examine the desk and open the drawers and you will find an icepick in the third drawer.

Pick this up and go back into the store and go to the meat freezer.Open this up and you will then use the ice pick to get a pack of meat(this is used in a bit on a dog out back).

Whilst in the shop go talk to Sondra(the women obviously) and she will give you some sleeping pills.Examine these so you are left with a pill.

Go back into the storage room and exit out the back door into the alley.Examine the dumpster and pick up the microwave. Continue reading

Escape From LaVille

Stuck on Escape From LaVille?..Here’s a walkthrough of the game for when you totally get stuck like i did quite a few times.

Be warned spoilers alert!!

So only use when you are truly stuck,as better to work it out for yourself even if you will probably pull your hair out doing so.

Enjoy and have fun. 

iPhone Screenshot 1

After the intro you are in a walled room.

Pick up the plastic cup on top of the barrel and hammer that’s just to the bottom of the barrel.

Use the hammer on the skull in the corner and you will get a knob for the tap.

Use the knob on the tap and water will flow.

Place cup under water and you will now have some energy.

Tap on the hatch on top of screen and up you go.

Go to room on right.

Pick up newspaper.

Click on table and on teapot on table.

You will now have a metal key.

You can also pick up an old key to use later on top of the fireplace.

Go right into kitchen and pick up Puppy chow.

Go back left and then go up stairs.

Go into first room and pick up newspaper.

Go to key cabinet on wall and here you will find a gold key. Continue reading