Do Not Forget Your Pills proudly presents its Version 2.0!

Do Not Forget Your Pills is a famous app by the app publisher MakeItApp, the first online platform where people can meet online and create apps together. This app is already used by hundreds of thousands of users everyday to manage all the different medication that one needs to take throughout the day.

Find out more about all the amazing new features that are included in the newest update of the app Do Not Forget Your Pills and find out why this app is the only app you will ever need to manage all your medication in once convenient place here!

do not forget your pills

So what is Do Not Forget Your Pills exactly? It is an app for iPhone with which users can very easily create a new plan for their medication, including the time intervals when it needs to be taken, the dosage and much more. The app is very easy to use, as it is composed of two main pages only: one with the calendar of all your medication and the option to add new ones, plus a second one with an overview of all the active plans.

But what makes Do Not Forget Your Pills different to other Pill Reminder Apps? Do Not Forget Your Pills let’s you manage more than one medication for more than one person! This means that you can now manage all the different pills for all the different people in your life in one easy-to-use app. You can use it to remember to give your kids their vitamins, give your aging parents their pills, take your own medication or even enter the antibiotics that one of your pets may needs.

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In addition to the great features outlined above, the new update of Do Not Forget Your Pills includes many other features that make the app stand out from the crowd. Firstly, the app now makes full use of the new iOS 8 and lets users manage all their reminders directly from their notification center. Furthermore, the app now offers various different sounds for the reminder alarm, so that users can customize their app even further.

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What are you waiting for? Log all your medications today and never forget to take them ever again!