Experience the world of Throne of Spirits!

Do you like RPGs but are tired of the endless grinding? Do you wish having an engaging game on your mobile device? Don’t worry, there is a solution for this.

Throne of Sprits

The game, the team, the battle

Throne of Spirits offers a unique experience which draws influence from games such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem. Yes, you heard correctly. The game offers a turn-based strategy-RPG experience with appealing battle system and large pool of obtainable characters. Moreover, the graphics are colorful and offer delightful, yet dynamic, details such as moving wings in the character portraits. As for the team, you have a possibility to use up to five characters. As the player levels up, slots for three supporting spirits will become available in order to utilize spirits’ powerful combo skills. In addition,the player is allowed to use one friend as a helper. For new players: don’t worry, there is no need to have a full friend list as you can use strangers to help you out! The battle system offers strategic stimulus as team members are turned into chess-like pieces which are moved around the battlefield and have different roles. However, contrary to chess, these roles don’t affect spirit’s movement, but its attack range and possible skills. As a team leader, the players is able to cast various spells in order to help the team to win fights. Overall, Throne of Spirits values player’s tactical skills over the endless grinding.

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Various modes open for further discovery

Throne of Spirits offers a few basic modes, namely Normal and Elite dungeon, which are accessible from the beginning. As the player levels up, more modes will be playable such as Special dungeon in the storyline. Moreover, modes such as Bounty, Treasure Cave, Mage Tower and Mythic Forest enable access to multiple resources. For competitive souls, Mine and Colosseum offer possibility to battle against other fellow players and test the strength of their teams. As this wasn’t enough, the guild provides possibility to play together, with friends or strangers, in order to complete guild specific dungeons.

Collect barbarians, goblins and Gods

As mentioned above, the character pool for Throne of Spirits is massive as it contains over 300 spirits. There are, for example, humans, barbarians, goblins and robots. Furthermore, these spirits are classified into different classes such as warriors, assassins, lancers, archers, healers and even pets to lighten the day. These spirits are assigned into various rarity levels from normal to super rare. If the player is lucky, a God might appear and further strengthen the team. The obtained spirits can be equipped and evolved, enabling boost to their statistics.

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Why you should download?

The battle system, the characters and free-to-play – these are only a few reasons. Moreover, as explained above, Throne of Spirits has a diverse playing environment that keeps on expanding as players progress, to keep the user experience ever-changing and rewarding. There aren’t too many similar free-to-play RPGs with real-time PVP and therefore, Throne of Spirit is worth trying. The game can be found in App Store by following this link.