Best apps to have when travelling

Billions of apps have been download over the last few years, and there’s hundreds targeted for the techno traveller. I’ve reviewed and read many, and generally decided that I wouldn’t use them in reality. Generally most are more gimmicky than practical. Below are my personal top 10 apps when travelling. All are free (some have pro versions that will cost you).

Trip It

This is a brilliant app. It syncs with your email account to recognise booking confirmations, and then automatically schedules out your trips and records all the important info.

Trip Advisor City Guide

Download maps, itineraries, venue guides and much more for many cities around the world. Once you’ve downloaded each specific city you don’t need WIFI to use it. Very handy if you don’t have a data package when on the move.

Sky Go

If you have a Sky account in the UK, you must download this app. Login with your account details to view sports, movies and other channels. Great for long journeys or chilling in your hotel room. You’ll need a VPN though to use it outside of the UK.


A handy app if you either share a Kindle with your partner, or don’t want take it away as well as your iPad. Syncs all books linked to your account.

Sky Scanner

Very user-friendly app for finding deals on flights.


Currency converting app. Always worth having on your phone.


TuneIn lets you stream and listen to pretty much any radio station in the world. Brilliant app.

Find My Phone

Without getting too technical, this app is certainly worth activating on your phone or iPad. If, like myself, you unfortunately have a phone stolen or you simply lose it, you can set this app to remotely wipe all data, or track its location.

Trip Advisor

This app is great for reviewing and comparing potential hotels, bars, and restaurants, either before you leave, or when planning where to go next on your travels.


I’ve used this app many times in a bar when a great tune comes on that I’ve not idea what it is. I either screen-shot it to remember the song/artist, or download immediately!