Delight your cone cells and your grey cells! With Dwelp, you can do both at the same time!

Released a few months ago for iOS by solo developer Alex Blaj, Dwelp is an elegant little puzzler which wraps a unique game mechanic in a delightfully minimalistic presentation. The attention to details is top-notch, making for a great experience.

To solve each of the 120+ puzzles, all you have to do is connect the same-colored dots on a grid by placing them one near another. That wouldn’t be too difficult if it weren’t for a simple rule that spices up the gameplay: As soon as you connect two dots, the other dots of that color can’t be moved anymore and can only be picked up by linking them to the larger shape you have just created. As it often happens, this sounds more complicated than it actually is, so the trailer below should explain it better.

Most of the puzzles have more than one solution. In fact, many of them have hundreds of possible solutions, so the game challenges you to find the one that requires the lowest number of moves. Do this for 80 puzzles and you will be treated to a special pack of ultra-hard puzzles that will have you scratching your head for hours! The game also contains a bonus puzzle pack which introduces an entirely new mechanic and creates a nice diversion.

One noteworthy feature is the powerful undoing mechanism. At any time, you can tap the undo button and the game allows you to swipe back and forth to retrace all your steps. This will become very handy later on in the game, when you might get to a dead end and want to review all the moves and try to find out which was the wrong step.

Featuring Game Center integration with a main leaderboard and 16 achievements, a color blind mode for the visually impaired and a handy puzzle previewer which allows you to see the puzzles at a glance before opening them, this is puzzle solving at its finest.

With no ads or in-app purchases whatsoever, Dwelp is a true gem that will provide puzzle aficionados with countless hours of fun! Get it here!