GrannyMobile – Life hacks from your granny always at your side!

Have you ever stained your sofa and didn’t know how to get it out?

Or have you ever had the flu and the pharmacy was already closed?

GrannyMobile has the solution to these and many other problems! In this brilliant app women of all ages have collected the best home remedies for life’s little challenges!

The App is divided into the five different categories Food, Home, Beauty, Kids and Wellness, where users can find advice on just about everything. You can simply browse each category for granny’s instructions or use the search function to look for a specific tip. You can then save your favourite sections and also share them with your friends via Facebook. The simply layout of the app makes it very easy to navigate, so that desperately needed advice can be found especially quickly.

So what does Granny have to tell us that we don’t already know? Within the app one can find, for example, Health Advice on how to cure a sore throat without medication or how to get rid of acne. In the Food Section one can discover tips on baking, what to do when you put too much salt into your soup or how to cut onions without crying (a mystery finally solved!). And in the category Home one can find tips, among many others, on the best techniques for ironing your clothes or how to get rid of wine stains. Overall the app contains over 300 tips already and it is still growing, as users have the possibility of sending in their own tips, too.

In addition to nana’s invaluable advice, GrannyMobile also features many entertaining drawings, making the problems to which we are looking for solutions seam a lot smaller. Each tip is also written in a very witty fashion, brightening up our day immediately after spilling wine all over the new sofa.

What is especially unique about GrannyMobile is the way it was developed: using the online platform MakeItApp, where people can meet online to create apps together, a group of women paired up with designers and app developers to create this incredibly useful app. Together they have created the database of tips and tricks that is GrannyMobile: a comprehensive list of all the advice their mums and grannies have given them so far.

Lastly, GrannyMobile is already a bestseller in Italy and was top of it’s category in the iTunes store. Now it is finally available in English – to help all English-speaking iPhone Users through daily life!