What’s ‘Appening With Your Money?

It seems like everybody has a smartphone these days and if we’re not replying to emails over our dinner, chatting to our friends over Whatsapp then we’re boring anyone who’ll listen with our latest app.

There’s no denying it, apps have become big business and a definite lure for many choosing a new phone. There are millions and millions to download and while a proportion of them can only be described as pointless, there are many that can have a significant impact on your life and your finances:

  • Bank On the Go

At the touch of a button, customers can now control their finances from their phones. Growing numbers of banks are creating apps which allow customers to view account balances and recent transactions while on the go. They also enable them to transfer funds across accounts and make payments. Many of these apps also feature an ATM and branch finder as well as text alert services that notify you if you are approaching your overdraft limit.

  • Manage your Money

If keeping track of your cash flow is something you struggle with then a money management app is a must have. These apps provide you with a clear view of your financial situation by allowing you to input your income and outgoings. They keep tabs on all of your accounts (current, credit card and savings) and even allow you to set weekly/monthly/quarterly budgets. Any overspending is quickly highlighted so you can easily identify the areas in which you need to cut back.

  • Discount Heaven

Get savvy with your spending and take advantage of the many money off vouchers just waiting to be used and abused. Retailers, restaurants and travel companies have teamed up with voucher companies to provide customers with significant savings. Using GPS technology, your phone can trace your exact location and find offers and discounts in your current vicinity.

  • Find Free Parking

We’ve all been stung by expensive parking costs but with this app you can input your chosen destination and it will locate and direct you to free parking. A few pounds saved here and there quickly adds up!

  • Pinpoint Cheap Fuel

With fuel prices rocketing through the roof, filling up can leave a severe dent in even the wealthiest of wealthy pockets. Locating fuel prices in any area, fuel finder apps are on the increase so take advantage and locate the cheapest cost in your area.

  • Jargon Busters

If finance talk leaves you a little baffled then why not download one of the many finance dictionaries available. At the touch of a button you can get to grips with all of those pesky money terms that you never really understood.